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How To Cut Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipe

Use a tape measure to mark the cut length on the pipe with a permanent marker. Place one mark every 1/4 inch to make a dotted line around the circumference of the pipe.

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Depending on your current exhaust system, you could need several truck pipes to complete the job.

How to cut stainless steel exhaust pipe. For more information on our products visit Use pipe wrap and a permanent marker. Deburr the pipe using a bench grinder stone wheel.

He either tigs or migs the pipe/tubing together. The first step is to mark out the pipe and identify the cutting areas. (actually they sell them to you, but give you back 100% if you return within 48 hrs.

With exhaust works and turbo, he uses ss304 or 316 tube/pipe, and mild steel, they range from a 2 diameter to a 4 diameter. The issue isn't just making a cut, the. How to cut exhaust pipe the easy way.

Pick the opening that makes a snug loop around the pipe you want to cut. 50 55 60 or 65 mm. I use an adjustable square to find the angle of the cut.

After your groove is cut go ahead and cut through the pipe, your hacksaw will follow your guide grooves and make a perfectly square cut with your hacksaw. Think safety and take your time. Use a permanent marker to create a reference line for the cut you need to make.

Just used a rigid recip saw blade, 24 tpi, to cut through 4 stainless steel exhaust pipe like butter. When tigging pipe/tubing, these are his steps (doing exhaust/turbo work) 1. Mark around the pipe with a permanent marker mark every 0.25 inches on the pipe using the tape as a guide and extend the measurement by 3 inches past the vice jaw in a straight line making it look like a dotted line.

I cut the ends off my old exhaust pipes (very thick steel) in 30 min the other night, lying under my car. Measure the required length of the pipe with a tape and mark the length with a marker on the pipe so that you know where you need to cut the pipe. Put one end of the square on your pipe and adjust the square to the direction you want to route it, see below:

Make sure that you make a straight cut to assure you that the tubing will fit well into each other. Before long, the bad piece of pipe will be cut through and will drop off. The jig also ensures you cut along a line that intersects the radius center point of the bend to ensure the plane end of the cut is round.

Use pipe wrap around the pipe, making sure that the sides of the wrap are even and square on the exhaust pipe. Proceed to use a hacksaw or chain pipe cutter to cut the exhaust tubing as neatly as possibly. (they didn't match up to my new headers.

I have used the pliers + cutting wheels, it works until one or two of the wheels cut through and then hangs up. Stainless steel exhaust pipe with real carbon fiber outer layer. 3 tubing cutter is the best if you are cutting straight pipe.

A hacksaw is an excellent tool for cutting any metal; The chain cutter also leaves a very clean cut, and you can work it in small spaces. Hence it is important to have it with you.

For a 4'' it's more than 60 seconds i'm sure. As the cut gets deeper, you will squeeze the pliers type handles to tighten the loop. You need to cut the muffler with great precision as your cutting technique will play an instrumental role in determining the final appearance of the exhaust pipe.

Believe it or not, as you rotate the tool back and forth, the discs will start cutting into the pipe. Secure the stainless steel exhaust pipe in a bench vise with the dotted line extending 3 inches past the vise jaws. Measure the pipe into the correct size and mark out where you have to cut it.

Pair of mild steel flanges with ‘o’ ring, with extra stainless pipework welded to each flange. Take your hacksaw and cut a groove (not all the way through) around the pipe exactly on your line.

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